Who are we?

With a population of only a few hundred spread throughout the parish,  Nevern is a small country hamlet straddling the river Nevern in a quiet agricultural community.  What we lack in numbers we like to think we make up in our dedication and commitment to our faith.  Alongside this we are also very conscious of the responsibilities of continuing the traditions of Christian worship of  previous generations which have taken place on the site of our Church ever since St Brynach founded ‘a place of worship’ here in the 5th Century A.D. with a chapel then being built in 540 A.D.

Maglocunus Stone at Nevern Church, St Brynach, Nevern, Pembrokeshire

Maglocunus Stone with both Latin and 5th Century Irish Ogham Script cut into the leading edge. This stone is thought to have been a memorial to Maglocunus – Son of Clutorius.


With so much history of pilgrimage and worship at Nevern throughout the ages, (please see our History)

The Pilgrims' Cross at Nevern Church, St Brynachs, Nevern, Pembrokeshire

The Pilgrims’ Cross

such responsibility weighs heavily upon us, especially against a backdrop where there appears to be a general decline in congregations.

Our faith is such that we remain firmly of the view that such a decline does not fully reflect what our press would have us think is happening within our modern society.

We choose to believe that there remains in many an underlying and latent belief waiting to be re-discovered and as a Church we are united in trying to think of new and innovative ways of reaching out, especially to the younger generations who will be the torch bearers of the future.

We believe that Christianity is not just believing and going to Church each week, but also reaching out to the community at large and keeping in touch with each other.  We invite any visitors to the Church to join us for coffee in the Church Hall (immediately opposite the front gate) after the Sunday morning service in the hope that you will want to get to know more about us – and, of course, enjoy the coffee and biscuits.

We also embark upon a number of initiatives throughout the year (Please see Bwyd Brynach, Passover Supper, Open gardens, etc.) which help to bring us together even further whilst also helping others around us.  Through the generosity and hard work of our members, any proceeds from these events either go towards the upkeep of the Church, a specific appeal or worthwhile Charity.

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